The safety of our guests and staff is our top priority.  We are following State of New Jersey, Cape May County, World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines on how to identify Covid-19 symptoms and mitigate its transmission.  With the help of our suppliers, our property will be supplied with industry-standard cleaning and disinfecting supplies. 


We anticipate more adjustments will be made in this ever-changing environment.  We continue to look to the authorities for direction and appreciate the efforts of those working on the front line.  We are grateful for your patience as we make necessary adjustments to protect the health and safety of our guests and staff.


To combat the spread of COVID-19 we have taken additional precautionary measures

We take standards for cleanliness very seriously and have well-established hygiene standards and daily cleaning procedures for the hotel to address both general cleanliness and disinfection. In addition, it is our standard practice to provide ongoing guidance to our staff to promote safety and well-being through awareness, training, and the use of everyday preventative practices.

  • Public Spaces: Daily disinfecting in public spaces, with a focus on the counter at the front desk, door handles, railings, vending, and even room keys.
  • Pool Area:  Our lounge chairs will be disinfected each morning.
  • We ask guests to please wipe down their pool lounge chair before and after use.
  • We ask that guests use a beach towel on the pool lounge chair.  Please bring additional beach towels to use in the pool area as well as for the beach.
  • Please space 6 feet between yourself and another party.
  • Swimming in the pool is safe just keep a safe distance from other bathers.  Chlorine is a virus killer!
  • Guest time in the pool area may need to be limited so everyone can have time to use the pool and relax poolside.
  • We are sorry but guests cannot use pool floats or toys in the pool.
  • Guest Rooms: We have enhanced our cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives, with particular attention paid to high-touch items, to including but not limited to door handles, locks and latches, light switches, television remote controls, and bathroom fixture handles.
  • Staff:  We have equipped our staff with appropriate personal protection devices (gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) and engaged in supplemental training.  High quality CDC approved disinfectant is being used across the hotel. Staff has been trained on proper cleaning sanitation, laundry sanitation, etc.


In these times of uncertainty we would like you to know we understand any concerns you may have with traveling and we assure you we are doing everything we can to make your stay comfortable and safe.  If you still feel you cannot travel under these circumstances you can contact us to make changes to your reservation.

  1. Our first request would be to consider moving your reservation to later in the season when you may feel more comfortable.  The fall is a beautiful time of the season and is less crowded.
  2. You can move your reservation and deposit to 2021.
  3. We will be flexible with our deposit cancellation policies due to Covid-19.  Please cancel your reservation as early on as possible once you know you will not be vacationing with us.

Check-in Procedures:

  1. We respectfully request our guest wear masks when coming in the office.  Any guests refusing to wear a mask will be required to cancel their reservations.  Should state and/or government regulations change at any point we may modify our rules. 
  2. We will be providing our guests with the option for a “limited contact” check-in.  We have installed a protective barrier at our front desk.  Please call ahead to provide a credit card to prepay for your room or we will use the credit card provided to process your initial deposit. We can limit your time in the office by charging your credit card for the balance of your stay on the morning of your arrival.  Your credit card receipt will be provided in your check-in packet.  You can still pay cash at check-in.  We prefer you pay your balance by credit card but understand some people prefer to pay by cash.  If possible, please bring the exact balance due so we do not need to give you change.  Notify us in advance if you would like to pay by cash.
  3. Do not enter the office if you see another guest in the office with us.  Please wait until that guest has left the office.  Staff will clean and disinfect counters and other touch-points between each registering guest party.  Please have only one family member enter the office to register. 
  4. Please do not arrive before 3pm for check-in.  Your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated should check-in time exceed 3pm for proper cleaning, disinfecting and inspection of rooms.
  5. Practice social distancing by maintaining 6 feet of separation whenever possible.
  6. Our front desk staff will wear a mask and gloves.  Hand sanitizer is provided on the front desk.
  7. We will leave the office door open whenever possible to minimize direct contact.


Housekeeping Procedures:

  1. All housekeeping staff will wear a mask and gloves.  They will change the gloves with each room cleaning.  Hand sanitizer will be provided to housekeepers as well as training on proper hand washing procedures.
  2. Cleaning procedures and cleaning solutions follow approved CDC guidelines and recommendations.  Additional cleaning will be provided to high touch areas.
  3. Guest rooms will be disinfected using a fine mist sprayer prior to housekeeping cleaning the room.
  4. For the protection of our staff and the guests we will NOT be providing daily housekeeping service.  We will exchange towels and take trash each day between 10am to 12noon.  Guests will place used towels in clear bags and secured trash bags on the chair outside the room and clean replacement towels will be left in exchange.  Extra bags will be left in the rooms to place these items in.  Any additional trash that needs to come out of the room later in the day should be brought to the trash area by the guest.
  5. For longer guest stays, housekeeping will enter an occupied guest room after the 3rd night to change sheets and service the room.  Guest rooms must be unoccupied for housekeeping to enter the room.  If the guest does not want the housekeeper to enter the room they can let the front desk know.


Check-Out Procedures:

Check-out time is before 10am.  So that we may prepare rooms properly for incoming guests, late check-outs are not possible.  Although you are welcome to enjoy the beach and motel facility, your vehicle must leave the parking area by noon.  Please leave the room key in the key box located on the front desk by 10am.


How to stay safe while traveling:
Prevention: We encourage you to follow CDC recommendations and the same personal best practices that are standard for typical flu season – frequent washing of hands; avoiding contact with eyes, nose, and mouth; and limiting exposure to other sick people.  Please keep 6 feet between yourself and other guests or staff.  If required, we will enforce the wearing on masks in public areas of the building.

Experiencing Symptoms: To safeguard the health of our guests and other visitors, we ask that you postpone your visit if you are ill with flu-like symptoms, or if you have been in contact with someone who was recently diagnosed with Covid-19.  We also request that you assist us in our efforts by immediately reporting to us any flu-like symptoms you may experience during your stay. We will be happy to assist in locating appropriate medical treatment in the area.


What we are asking from you:

While our desire is to provide your family with the best vacation possible, your cooperation is appreciated as we face these unusual times.  Please continue health practices: wash hands frequently, bring (and wear) face masks, avoid touching your face, practice coughing etiquette, and…social distancing, especially related to the pool and pool lounge chairs, outside tables and other common area shared areas.  Obey all signage posted around the property.  They are safety reminders for you and your family.  Please monitor your own health.  Please bring additional beach towels that you may use to cover pool and other chairs around the property and be sensitive to sharing chairs, tables and barbecue time.


For the safety of everyone, we expect all guests to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.  It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with any restrictions in place due to Corona virus.  Failure to comply could result in forfeiture of the remainder of your vacation without refund.


What you may expect from us:

Our goal is to go above and beyond as we prepare your room and our facility with your family’s health and well-being in mind.  Much care, training and resources are being utilized to accomplish this goal.  We are here to meet your needs and to provide your family as many vacation memories as possible!


We look forward to seeing you, and thank you for your continued loyalty and support!  Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.